Mar 7, 2014

Dolled Up Lollipop – An Heavy Rubber Eye-Candy


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The sultry redhead Bianca Beauchamp is totally lickable in her tasty red rubber catsuit!  She tells us how she ended up playing a wet rubber doll:

“It’s a question that I have been asked many times trough my modeling career, and especially even more on my Facebook fanpage where kinksters and vanillas people coexists: what do I find attractive with wearing latex hoods? Well you see for me, although some latex hoods are simply stunning by itself, I find it is the person that wears them that makes this type of clothing extraordinary sexy.

When I wear a latex hood and look at my rubberised reflection in the mirror, the fact that I don’t fully recognise myself due to the fact that I can’t see my face, and also that I look like a rubber doll ready to be sexually abused, turns me on big time! In this form of secret identity, I let my kinkiest and raunchiest fantasies emerge to realise them until my body get consumed with pure raw sizzling hot orgasms.

Of course, I take for granted that you already know that  to doll myself up, I love to pair up my hoods with catsuits, my number one partner in crime in front of the camera and for sexJ Well in this photo shoot, I enjoyed wearing my new HW Design ultra thin red catsuit& hood at the pool at Desire Resort. The weather in Mexico is mucho caliente but the cool water refreshed me good enough for me to fully enjoy wearing my naughty outfit in front of curious and drooling guests. Thanks to the front zipper, I had full access to play with my huge boobies squeezing them nicely with my gloved hands. Your turn to drool now!

During this tropical sunset, I’m certainly having a dolled up moment that will please the heavy rubber kinksters and might even convince the vanillas out there that is reading this text that photos of an erotic rubberisedplaydoll Bianca could be a nice addition to their fantasies!

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