Mar 10, 2011

Divine Arousal Spotlight : A Piece of Heaven in Spandex!


An Angelic pure white fantasy with a side of naughtiness … YUM!

Fact of the day : Catsuits being among the favorites and most published pieces of clothing done by Latex Diva Bianca Beauchamp, the first one she wore was not made of Latex as we may have have thought.  It was a black spandex catsuit that she bought when she was 19 years old at a three day fetish event.

When she saw this pure white spandex catsuit and tried it on, she fell in love again with that shiny and soft material and she is now presenting the results to us in a not less than angelic way!  Shot in studio on a white studio, white faux-fur blanket, white and pink stiletto platform shoes, the results is classy and arousing.  There may be no zippers on this catsuit but spandex is elastic, and it may be hard to believe but yeah, elastic enough to permit Bianca to flash her divine 32FF round convincing arguments!

Enjoy this piece of erotic art now at

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