Aug 7, 2014

Disorderly House Delight – Alluring Lingerie Frivolity


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I recently went lingerie shopping -well, actually, I should point out that I no longer like to shop for lingerie at the local stores here in Montreal as they don’t carry my bra size which is a respectable 32FF- and got lucky finding on EBAY this sultry purple with leopard prints satin bra and matching thong. I didn’t hesitate to commit to buy the lingerie and I must say I was pleased with the fitting when I got to try it on at my place.

Immediately when I put it on, a fantasy popped in my mind. I saw myself wearing it in some sort of  raunchy  sex motel where I would invite you to come meet me. Even after several months that I bought the  lingerie, this scenario never left me so recently, I decided to pack it with me and go hunting  for the perfect motel bedroom where I could live my fantasy and immortalize it on photos.  I finally found the perfect bedroom to realize my fantasy  not so far outside Montreal.

I unpacked my suitcases that was filled with feathers boa, high heels, lingerie and more,  did curl my fiery red hair, put  on some make-up and lip gloss on my pouty lips and finally dressed up with my purple lingerie  and paired it up with my mauve robe. I laid down on the bed, shut my eyes and let the fantasies invade my body imagining you knocking on my door and continuing my reverie.

See the complete set here.

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