Jan 14, 2016

DEVIANT COQUETTERY – Ravishing rubber nymph


2015-06-lewd-and-lascivious-covers-012016-01-deviant-coquettery-covers-04 2016-01-deviant-coquettery-covers-01


2016-01-deviant-coquettery-covers-06As some of you might remember, I did spend all month of August 2015 traveling Europe. By plane, train and car, in a time lapse of 25 days, I briefly visited 5 countries. That my friend was a lot of land to cover with only so very little time! I did not see much of these 5 countries as this trip was formerly a business one and therefore  I mostly spent my time in big cities such as Manchester, Brussels  and Vienna yet the old style architectures and mostly all the new friends I met made this trip absolutely memorable.

One of my Euro “pit stops” included Solingen, a small town found in Germany. Why you may ask me? Because only at this tiny village with an original architecture unspoiled by the war could I find THE legendary fetish photographer Peter Czernich, pioneer in the world of latex fetish photography and also  creator of Marquis magazine. During my humble modeling career, I had the chance to model for Peter a few times and because my last visit to him was long overdue (think around 7 years), I made it a priority to spend 3 days with my long time friend.

The next day I got there, after a good night of catching up and rested sleep, both Peter and I were febrile at the idea to shoot together once again. And I sure felt like a true rubber doll while Peter dressed me all  up with Marquis’ own collection of latex clothing. Black thigh high rubber boots, short mini frills skirt, tight corset, gloves and smoky hot transparent blouse… a lustful mix of rubber coquettery  that pleased both my eyes nd the camera lense.

And then the fun began once again. Boy that I had missed modeling for Peter! To the sound of cracking crop and good laughs, the chemistry we both have when we shoot together is hard to beat. And as the day went by, we both agreed that we would definitely not wait another 10 years to shoot together once again. What do you think? Do we make an awesome team or what??!!


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