Jan 19, 2012

Désir – Highly Erotic!!!

You know nightie lingerie is perfect when you want to rip it off!

Bianca  Beauchamp  graces us with one her recent photo creation : Désir – a sexually charged photo set fueled by our favorite read head’s naughty thoughts.

Désir, a French word meaning – as you guessed it already –  “Desire”, this is what this sumptuous session is all about.  Simple and minimalist, wearing only her new black silk nightie lingerie with kinky black pvc knee high stiletto boots, the result is jaw dropping!  Teasing being one of our sultry Diva’s forte, she, as always, gets the job done and will titillate you with her curvaceous body and looks of desire!

Witness the perfect mix of beauty and attitude in this tantalizing photo session now!


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