Oct 10, 2011

Den Of Love – Bianca’s Recipe of Lust!

Bianca Beauchamp’s teasing pink pvc photo session filled with curves, fishnet and nude sensual fun!

Dressed up with a pink one-piece fishnet body suit, our favorite redhead is vibrating with sensuality in this mysterious and glamorous session.  Coupling the fishnet with a kick ass pink PVC hot pants and a front zip pink top of the same shiny material, the naughtiness of this set is sure to raise your body temperature a couple degrees!

Bianca is wearing 6″ pink high heels and leg warmer to complement the rest of this tantalizing apparel, giving the whole shoot a very sexy Flash Dance look!  Shot on the delicious purple fake fur cocoon for a more bedroom cozy style makes this intimate place a party zone filled with desires … YUMMY!

View this delightful and lustful stripping experience now … ENJOY!



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