Jul 15, 2013

Cotton Candy – The Super Star of Latex will Ravish you!

Bianca Beauchamp Photos

Bianca Beauchamp Photos Bianca Beauchamp Photos

The amazing Bianca Beauchamp explains how how this sweet and glamour photo set made her feel like a bad-ass brat :

Bianca Beauchamp Photos“What piece of clothing do I need to wear to feel like a bad ass brat?? For sure, a Polymorphe black latex catsuit!! Then, if I wear a corset over it, it’s even better.

Of course, no bad-ass outfit is complete without gloves, and 8’’ black high heels with a platform that is to die for! These shoes are so hot; I could kick anyone’s ass if I needed to! I love them!

Although I liked the look of the outfit,  I did feel like I was missing a prop  to become the bad chick I wanted to be.  And then I thought of my biker style sunglasses and when I put them on and smirked at my reflection, I immediately enjoyed the sexy tough overall look of this outfit.

Wanna play rough with me hun??  Tough in Fluff! Hey, that could have been the title of this shoot too! LOL!”

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