Mar 14, 2011

Closet Temptations Photos – The Erotic Ritual of Dressing!

A sexy visit to Bianca’s closet featuring a sensual striptease, in reverse!

Ever wonder what Bianca’s latex closet look like?   With all the photo-shoots she did in hundreds of various arousing latex outfits, these sexy outfits have to come from somewhere!  So ladies & gentlemen, for the first time on the LatexLair, a photo-set right in the middle of the latex action: Bianca’s Latex Closet.  Starting with a nude Bianca, she will, one piece at a time, dress up with layers of latex for our pervy eyes only.

There is so much latex in this closet that it seems a smell of rubber is emanating from our LCD monitor!  Another great opportunity from the LatexLair and as always, a moment of pure sexiness that will leave us wanting for more.  And more there will be as this is Part I of a two-part serie (expect Part 2 very soon on the LatexLair).  Miss Beauchamp knows how to build suspense, and she does it in style!

Don’t be shy and take the sexy closet tour with our beloved and arousing guide, Bianca!

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