Jun 14, 2011

Closet Temptations are Back! … Naughty Dressing!

The sexy visit of Bianca’s closet continues and takes an Heavy Rubber turn … Enjoy!

Last March 2011, we were presented with a reverse striptease in miss Beauchamp’s kinky closet.  The set ended with a virtual “To Be Continued” which did leave fans wanting more.  The waiting is finally over and it is time to step up and enjoy part 2 of this great shoot!  This continuity is pure gold for every Heavy Rubber fans and even the most conventional BB lovers.

The sexiness of the mask coupled with all the frills and cuteness of the outfit makes this photo-set a unique intimate moment spent in the company of Miss Beauchamp.  Emanating with her ever-so-lovely charming & strong personality, Bianca will blow your mind in this sensual installment of The Closet Temptations.

You can view these photos and the first parts at www.latexlair.com



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