Jan 16, 2014

Cabin Fever – Private Lingerie Showroom!

Bianca Beauchamp Photos

Bianca Beauchamp Photos Bianca Beauchamp Photos

The ever so beautiful Bianca Beauchamp let us in her sexy romantic hotel room to show her goods… TASTY!  As usual, here’s her sexy writing explaining her naughty photo session :

“Fiji was an absolute paradise to visit. When I spent 20 days over there, I got the chance to hop islands, hike in wild trails climbing all my way up on mountains and swim in deep blue lagoons. My journey in the wilderness was certainly filled with fascinating discoveries, yet all the energy spent exhausted me a lot. After 12 days of insane scouting and hiking, it appeared clear to me that I needed to take a break and chill out for a while.

So when I got to Nanuya island, I booked myself a “bure” (traditional Fijian cabin with only one room) facing one of Fiji’s numerous lagoons and enjoyed the view from my balcony.  I also enjoyed my bedroom a lot too, feeling the warm draft coming from the lagoon caressing my naked body. The second day, my energy level was back up yet, I didn’t want to go out hiking again.  Instead, I took advantage of the intimacy of my cute “bure” and planned a sensual lingerie photo shoot.

I opened my luggage and this time, went for a white & turquoise lingerie bra with a white lace butterfly thong. It suited perfectly the ivory white linen and the wood of the “bure”. Again laying on the bed with the patio door opened, I could feel the soft breeze kissing my skin. I had all the intimacy  and time to slowly undressed from my lingerie, play with my nipples, caress my belly and thighs arousing my body to get some sort of sexual fever…

The only thing missing was you watching me getting turned on. Let’s make it right : join me in my cabin and let’s have fever together!

See the complete set here.

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Bianca Beauchamp Photos Bianca Beauchamp Photos

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