Jul 8, 2014

Bubblegum Gummiland – Rubber Treat for the Eyes!


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The luscious Vixen Bianca Beauchamp writes about her playful experience in her kinky latex sheets fulfilling her naughty needs and fulfilling her fetish fantasies!  Read her sexy words here :
bianca_beauchamp_photos_03“Recently with my new sets “Sea of Black Latex” & “Sea of Blue Latex” I have brought you back my classic king-sized black and blue latex sheets that I got a while back from bed-sheet designer Between The Sheets.  Well years after, my latex sheets are still in awesome condition and always more than ready to serve my kinky needs and fulfill my fetish fantasies.  Well this month, to complete my trilogy of rubber sheets sexy photos, I am now posing in a pile of pinkish-red latex sheets and pillows while all dressed up with HW Design ultra thin latex catsuit and my new acquisition: their super sexy 3 buckle corset!

High heel shoe lovers will also get their kink pleased with my red pair of extreme heels. Once all dressed up, I couldn’t wait to plunge in and get myself immersed in this sea of latex. I plunged boobs & belly first so my nose could get buried deeply into the latex scent. It smelt sweet, almost like a cake and while I was sniffing my sheets, my gloved hands were squeezing tight my latex pillows.

Just like a switch turned on, I got instantly aroused and while smelling and rubbing myself against my latex sheets, I shut my eyes, rolled my hips and let the fantasies invade my mind. Images of kinky raw sex flood my brain and the excitement got painted all over my face and body.  A sexy gummiland fun time that will make your heart skip a beat!”

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