Oct 8, 2014

Bordello Boudoir – A lascivious bedtime story


2014-10-bordello-boudoir-covers-02 2014-10-bordello-boudoir-covers-05


My career makes me travel the world discovering fantastic sceneries and sleeping at classy hotels. Yet  you wanna know something? Sometimes, it’s not always at the fanciest resorts and hotels that I get my biggest kicks.  Many times when I feel like having some good wild sex, I prefer the libidinous steamy hot  style over the posh and often cold mood as it does connect more  with my hot-blooded persona.  And lately, my imagination has been running wild fancying kinky dreams.

One night, my fantasies lead me to rent this motel room in which the reddish & yellow furniture and walls made me think I was starring in a sexploitation movie. I dressed up with my red lace lingerie dress, my red feathers robe and my pumps, laid down on the bed, shut my eyes and let my vivid imagination take me away to a world where you would come meet in that room and make me sweat all night long. Care to join my fantasy?

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