Feb 1, 2016

Boobalicious Healthcare – The cure for perversions


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Have you ever fantasized about spending a night at a BDSM donjon but never had the chance to do so? During my long life career as a fetish model, I had the opportunity to visit a few of them quite a few times mostly  for personal fun and parties but rarely did I get  the chance to  model in them. That’s why when Barbara, the owner of this unique and awesome BDSM playroom in Vienna, offered me her place for me  to model some various kinky latex outfits, I didn’t hesitate to accept her kind offer.

The medical room is without a doubt the scenery I liked the most at her donjon. Whatever medical equipment I could think of, Barbara already had it. Drawers contained multiple bottles of liquids of all kind, needles shaped to do some serious damage if wanted,  gasmasks and belts that looked  like coming from a different era , perhaps from some asylums… I looked at and held these things fascinating objects with fascination, sometimes with question marks in my eyes. And the more Barbara taught me all about her “health care” collection, the more I got aroused and depraved with thoughts firing up my twisted mind.

That day, Harald the owner and designer of the latex brand HW Design was accompanying me and had his own twisted visions in his head: to dress me up with a vintage nurse latex dress paired up with white thigh high latex stockings. He thought the white & blue latex dress would perfectly match the ivory look of the medical room and once I saw myself all dressed up surrounded with all the clinical equipment, I could only agree with his vision.

A sexy and sassy photo shoot that will most certainly get you all feverish. Come closer: nurse Bianca will take good care of you. It’s about to get hot in here!


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