Nov 11, 2016

Bodacious in Bali – The sensual art of nudity


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Once in a while, I feel the need to play with my hair and change its style. Some of you remember my blonde phase that only lasted 6 months. Others might also remember that in my early 20’s, I was red with blonde streaks. Well now, I am not messing up with my trademark fiery red hair anymore, but will do variations like a flaming 3 toned colors you might have seen recently. In this shoot, I am back to full red, a darker red that is, and I have shortened the length. Indeed, I have cut some length off so I can bare a tomboyish look.

To match this hair style, I chose to go plain simple with the outfit and picked my checkered blouse, a very popular style in Montreal. They are comfortable and they remind me of sugar shacks, where maple syrop is produced every spring from the maple tree’s sap.  These sweet establishments welcome guests every spring to dance and eat homemade meals cooked with maple syrup, a long-going tradition here in Quebec and a real fun treat!   I completed the outfit with my charcoal cotton boyshort that gives you a good peak of my round butt (come on, admit you just wanna smack that ass real bad!) and my plum knee high suede high heels boots. I also opted to wear 8 blings on my right ear, something I rarely do nowadays but It was requested from a fan and so I thought “why not baby?”! In the comfort of my house, I have all the time to tease you with sexy naughty flirts & striptease and turn myself on while doing it.

Now am I not that foxy neighbor you all wish to have living next door? >:-)


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