Oct 1, 2014

Black Rubber Room – A true catsuit lover delight!


2014-10-black-rubber-room-covers-04 2014-10-black-rubber-room-covers-05


Through my latex career, I have done hundreds of photo shoots specialising in latex modelling that lead me to model  in the freezing of snow and cool waterfalls, sometimes in the  heat of a blazing exotic sun or a desert, other times in the magic of the wilderness and breathtaking beaches.  Each location brought its fair share of thrills, excitements and yes, sometimes some good scares which I admit made me feel so alive. Yet, I always love going back to where it all started: in the comfort and security of my studio.

There are so many things that can be done in a more controlled environment than in the wild where you aren’t sure what to expect. In the luxury of my studio, I  don’t have to stress on not getting caught by locals, keeping away from hypothermia and heat strokes, or frustrating over the weather not giving me the proper lighting in the sky I so need for the photos to stand out.  At my place where I have built a huge walking closet just for my latex outfits and shoe collection, I have easy access to all I might need, particularly to my four king-sized black rubber sheets that I have been enjoying intensively time after time.

For this sexy shoot, I have taken them out to cover up my sofa that I had put next to my black rubber padded walls. I could have worn a bright colored outfit to make a contrast with the dark background but to the contrary, I had a vision of uniformity and  became one with the sexiness of my black rubber sheets. I dressed up with my front zip catsuit that I love to pair up with my new waist cincher and I was more than  ready for some sexy fun action. Rubbing my latexed body on my rubber sheets, especially my massive boobs is always a major turn on for me. A delightful sensual rubber moment that will please the latex catsuit lover in you.

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