Jun 15, 2015

Black Beach Treasure pt.2 – naked siren sigthings


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I’d like to share with you one of my best during my second trip back to New Zealand.  From Montreal, Middle Earth might be 26 hours of super long flight but this was certainly not annoying enough to keep me away from  this piece of paradise.

In 2010 during my very first trip to New Zealand, I did a road trip solely devoted to discover the East coast of the South island. For my second trip, I chose to spend more time to visit almost all of both North & South island’s West coast where I could find not only breath taking rocky mountains but also spectacular beaches such as this black sand beach.  Actually, if I had to compare it to the black sand beach where I modeled in Maui Hawaii in 2008, I would say that this one appeared more silvery especially when the blue cloud studded sky was reflecting on the wet dark sand.

It was pretty windy that day giving me chills all over my body. But then again, this unique opportunity that I had of modeling in such magical scenery outweighed the cons of being cold. And I mean, VERY COLD!  Regardless, to contrast with the deep blue sea and the dark beach, I chose to wear my red ultra thin latex catsuit, matching socks, short gloves and tightened to the max my new buckles corset that HW Design custom made me. The mix of the wind blowing hard on my face and hair, and the ocean waves hitting my latexed body instead of the shore,  I got almost close to feel hypothermia, and yet,  I never felt so alive in my life before.

When my catsuit ripped on the knees on the black sand beach, I decided to rip it off completely, even more to offer my nudity to the earth, air and water elements. While laying on the black sand beach with the wind playing my hair and the waves kissing my feet, with my flamboyant red hair and all the passion I have in my heart, it felt I became fire myself; the fourth element!

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