Sep 11, 2014

Black Beach Treasure – Nice booty inside!


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After viewing  all the fun and bubbly selfies I have posted on my Facebook Fanpage, you must know by now that I did return for a second time to my ultimate favorite destination which is New Zealand where I spent over there  a magical 3 weeks.   If in 2010 I could only visit the East part of the South Island, this time, I made sure to spend  enough time in Middle Earth for me to enjoy the  West side of both North and South islands. I must confess that my heart is beating strong for the South island where I fell in love with Queenstown, a little town where beauty  meets adrenaline (I did my two bungee jumps over there) . Yet I appreciated  visiting the North Island as well and I was lucky enough to find some hidden gems like this isolated black sand beach that was next to a rock cliff.

Lately, I have been used to model my sexy latex catsuits in the comfort of the hot Mexican weather so the colder N.Z weather came as  a shock.  Even in summer,  New Zealand, can be really windy and cold. After all, New Zealand is right next to Antarctica! And that day, the wind was blowing so hard  it almost swept me off my feet and made me fall on my bubble latexed butt.  Perhaps the 6″ high heels that I was wearing on the beach didn’t help me to keep my balance, hey hey!  But it certainly looked  sensual especially paired up with my front buckles cincher and my red  latex catsuit that  is made with such an ultra thin latex (I believe it’s made with 0.2 mm) that my massive boobs  show trough the material.  The wind was chilly covering up my rubberized skin with multiple shivers yet the pleasure of standing alone  on this magnificent isolated beach at the opposite of the world  made me forget the chills that were invading my body. A unique moment  I am truly delighted that I have experienced, and am now ready to share with you.

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