Jun 21, 2015

Bibi Croft’s Escapades pt.2 – Back in naked action!


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It’s been a  few times now that in the past and through my photo shoots, I had the privilege to portray the forever kick ass archaeologist Lara Croft, hero of the popular video game Tomb Raider. The very first time I brought her to life was while visiting Fiji where  I cosplayed her twice. Usually, that should have been enough for me to move on to the next cosplay project. But somehow, her essence never truly left me.  Many times in Montreal, I caught myself thinking of her and the type of life she was living: fearless, daring and probably a little lonely. It became clear to me that I didn’t get enough of her in Fiji and so my most important mission while visiting New Zealand in early 2014, was to see her one more time, perhaps the last.

The 26 hour trip was a killer but going to New Zealand for my second time in my life, I knew it was worth the body aches from the long trip. This time, it was even more magical to me as I discovered the West of the North and South islands through Lara’s eyes and heart. Hiking mountains (and almost falling off a cliff), running through deep woods and taking breaks at magnificent waterfalls (but so damn cold!!), Lara showed me the best gems of New Zealand. Her journey ended up in a wide valley opened to the four winds. I remember looking at her and thinking: My God this woman lives such a wild and free life. And just when I thought she couldn’t do anything more to impress me, her back turned to me, she carefully took off her latex top and shorts. With only her boots , her backpack  and her gears left on, she slowly turned around to face me, proudly flaunting her massive boobies in my face. My jaws literally dropped: those breasts were just beyond this world.

With all the passion in the world illuminating her hazelnut eyes, she said to me: “I’ve always wanted to play my next mission naked”.  What? Was she serious? She then hang me her latex top and shorts and said: “Until the next time I see you, take good care of these for me will ya?” She then smirked at me, turned around and started jogging, guns in her hands, to the horizon where she vanished in the gold sunset. I stood there for a while holding her clothing tight next to my heart thinking that indeed, one day, somewhere, Lara and I will meet again. Until then, I now share these last moments I got with her with you.

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