Jan 20, 2015

BIBI CROFT’s ESCAPADES – Cosplay with Big Guns!


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Do you know how it feels like when I get the chance to cosplay the sexy kick ass archeologist character Miss Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider video game?  Simply invincible.  It always fascinates me to see how much this character has become a part of me over time. She lays in the depth of my sub sub consciousness and anytime I need her, she emerges with  strength, sexiness and her classic bold sparks in the eyes.

When I was in New Zealand last March, one day, she even came out to give me courage to bungee jump off a 134m cliff. I was so scared, but not her. Never. That jump was my second and certainly not the end of it as I got adrenaline hooked baby! But bungee jumping in the void is not the only thing Lara intended  to do that day: she wanted to continue her adventure of discover the hidden magical gems of Middle Earth. From running in wild clearings, climbing steep rock mountains to enjoying breathtaking waterfalls, Lara’s escapades lead her this time to a path that opened up on a vast valley where at last, she felt like resting. For the very first time, she even let herself being photographed tank top free, flaunting her huge and perfectly round boobies to the wilderness. Wanna see how she looks like all geared up but naked? Then hurry up: the game is almost over…

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