Jan 4, 2010

Bianca’s First Photos Release for 2010

The new year is just starting and Bianca reveals for us the first photo sets of 2010 for the latexlair.com and biancabeauchamp.com!! The following is the text she sent through her newsletter :

“Hi everybody!

Yes, another year has passed, and more has to come. Holidays might be over but who’ve said the party must end? On the Lair and the Glam, the party still goes on and on. So don’t be shy and join the fun with me!


You probably know by now that I just looove swimming in the ocean! I have done it many many times dressed up with sexy swimsuits or even with my Eve`s costume, but I count on my hands the number of time I could do it dressed up in latex from head to toe! While I was in beautiful Maui (Hawaii), a friendly local showed me this wonderful hidden black sand beach. Although it was hard to climb down, I managed to reach the dark beach and enjoy the magnificent view. I then took off all my clothing to lube my skin and gently pulled on my favorite H&W ultra thin black latex catsuit. The feel of it on my body is so smooth and soft; perfect for swimming! But before, I clothed my tiny feet with latex socks and I put on a HW hood. Ready? Almost. Armed with my scuba diving mask and tuba, now was the time to dip in the sea! I know many of you have been waiting for this specific set. Here it is! And I KNOW you’ll LOVE it!

Sometimes, I need to get away from the city and all its noisiness. When I feel like taking a break, I enjoy spending a weekend at a cabin somewhere in the woods. Of course, I never leave the house without packing some sexy latex (vacation are no fun without latex!) and to match the romantic scenery, I brought my Polymorphe purple long sleeves top and knee length skirt. Shot during fall the breeze was a bit chilly making my nipples respond hard. Purple, red, yellow leaves were falling off the trees like a rainbow rain. So gorgeous and while I was alone on the balcony flirting with the camera, I felt like a nymph offering my latexed body to the spirit woods.

Years ago when I started modeling, I did a photo shoot dressed up with a black latex dress and dipping in am inflatable pool filled with red rubber sheets. I always liked that shooting, enough to pick a photo and add it in my Bianca Beauchamp: Fetish Sex Symbol book. Recently, I stumbled across my latex sheets box and notice a set of sheets I rarely shot. Somehow, the sheets made me remember of the pool shoot and I thought it would be really sexy to redo it, but this time, dressed up with a black front zip catsuit. I love front zip catsuits because I can show my boobalicious body while shooting. And I was in the mood for multi layers so I added on top of it some sultry latex stockings, textured black thong, black garter belt, my Murray & Vern 20” corset and some latex gauntlets! I filled up a new inflatable pool with warm water and latex sheets and voila! Once again, I was ready to have a homemade dip! And since I wanted it to be a bit more heavy rubber, I later on put on my favorite black rubber gasmask. Enjoy this latex mouth watering set!

Can’t get enough of seeing me dressed up with my ultra thin raspberry H&W catsuit? I totally dig you! After all, I certainly enjoy my catsuit very much. It’s so light; it feels like feathers on my skin! And because it’s so thin, it alloys me lot of flexibility when I roll myself in my inflated black rubber room! And when I rub silicone lube on my latexed body, it just turns me on even more! Come and see me play in that 7 minutes and a half edited video!!


The wet t-shirt style is definitely a classic that turns on my fans and so every time I go to a sunny destination, I make sure I shoot a new set of see-though wet & wild photos. This time, I went to sexy Jamaica at adults’ only (and kinky) resort Hedonism 2. I brought with me a lovely white cotton mini dress and went for a dip in one of the numerous pools. The water was cool on my skin making my nipples hard. The deeper I went in the pool, the more the dress becomes transparent teasing your pervy eyes! I end up splashing around, wearing nothing else but my very light make-up and my dripping wet hair! Care to jump in with me?

WeT – 121 pics
Oh yeah baby! The oil is back!! Well, what better way for the BB glam to start 2010? I know how much you folks love oil on skin and this Wet set is exactly what you’re looking for! Trust me! Dressed up only with my Bettie Page black wig, platform high heels and my red lipstick, I was ready for the action. Bring it on; I can take it! Sure, oil is messy and so much fun! And I always need more and more. And look; it makes my perfect FF boobs look even bigger! Getting aroused? I thought so!


30% OFF HOLIDAYS SPECIAL: Extended for 2 weeks only!!!

  • I know the holidays are over but it would be a be stiff to start 2010 without any specials so I have decided to extend the 30% discount on all my items in store for another 2 weeks. Then my friends, it’s going to be back to reality so don’t miss out your chance to treat yourself right at a very reasonable price! Simply use the coupon code “happyholidays” during checkout to get your additional 30% CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! (minimum order of $15). This coupon code will be added on TOP of any current special on the store!


  • For the first time ever, I will let go of a latex dress I shot some time during a bondage photo shoot (bondage done by Midori). Along the shoot, Midori ripped the dress at specific areas for you to see some skin and nipples. The dress is a unique marble blue with silver and is from Polymorphe.
  • Another addition to the memorabilia section is my ocean blue LeJaby bra I shot while I was a blonde. The 32E bra definitely don’t fit my new 32FF babies. A sensual and classic must-have lingerie items for the collectors!
  • More lingerie and bikinis will be added troughout January so make sure to come and check from time to time! Each collector items you buy will come with a signed photo as well as an authenticity certificate!!


  • Very few copies remain of my book Bianca Beauchamp: Fetish Sex Symbol. Only 6 copies remain of the blue cover edition! The book is a limited edition and all copies are hand numbered. Only 2000 copies of the book exist, and we will not reprint this hard-cover book.


  • You want to go clubbing at fetish events but you don’t know what to expect over there? You are a fan of fetish top female sexy models Jean Bardot, RubberDoll & Susan Wayland? You like my bubbly personality, my latex and my rubber closet?? Well, my reality documentary film Bianca Beauchamp: All Access is right for you! Follow me and my sexy colleagues at fetish nights and girl’s night out at my place! And see what it’s like to have fetish fun! Christmas is also the perfect occasion to watch my movies with sexy friends and party!
  • A Double-pack DVD of All Access 1&2 is also available in the iLoveBianca Store, as well as a DLC version of All Access1. A perfect gift for the party animal in you!!!


  • For magazine collectors, the iloveBianca store offers various magazines which I appear on the cover as well as inside features. Marquis, Heavy Rubber, Bizarre, Naked Eye, Summum, Virgin books sexy stories and more! Remember that for a limited time, I also offer 30% off on all these item for another 2 weeks!!!


  • I think it’s always a noble thing to encourage artists. Get your hands on limited edition collectible prints from international renowned artists Michael Calandra and Gina King who created special artworks of me. Check the store for more info.



  • new artworks will be added on The Lair section. Thank you once again to all artists who get inspired by my work and want to share theirs with us!


  • It’s the time of the year where I will need all your votes, my fellow supporters! Once again, Askmen.com makes their top 99 sexiest women list and I am in there. I am proud to be the only latex fetish girl appearing in their list and now, I am asking you to take two minutes to go vote for your favorite latex girl. Last year, I won the 24th position beating big Hollywood names. How kick ass it would be to make it in the top 20!!! Check out the story on my newslog!


  • Want to see more videos and get the latest news about my career, publications, traveling and more? Hit my newslog page BiancaBeauchampAllAccess.com. Subscribe to the RSS Feed to be alerted anytime news updates are published.


  • Yes it’s true! I tweet now so make sure to follow my crazy thoughts and news on it! I regularly write a little something on it! And try to make sure to answers questions you may have!

On this final note, I wish you my friends all the best for 2010! May this year bring you happiness, joy, good health and kinky latex fun!!


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