Apr 30, 2010

PHOTOS: Spring Fever Arousal this May 2010

This month, brace yourself for some exotic lust, waterfalls, beach, bikinis and multiple layers of kinky, shiny latex on latexlair.com and biancabeauchamp.com! The following is the text Bianca sent through her newsletter:

“Hi everybody!

It’s May and the Spring fever is continuing on both my Lair and Glam. Lot of sexy latex catsuits, naughty high heels, sultry bikinis and more combined to the sensuality of nature. Take a look to what I have in store for ya!


One of my best trip ever was definitely my 3 weeks to New Zealand. Truly at the opposite of the world (well mine), this green gem is filled with magical landscape hills, fresh water from the glaciers lakes, sexy hot Springs and, to my pleasure, hidden wild waterfalls! Since my trip to Costa Rica where I swam in a 70m waterfall, I’ve always dreamt of actually doing a photo shoot in a similar environment. But those are hard to find over here in Montreal (rad: non existant!) so I never got the chance to realize that dream until now. After walking about 30 minutes in a deep forest, here it was standing before me in all its glory. What I didn’t know yet is how cold the water was! And by cold I mean freezing cold! But armed with my sexy HW ultra thin latex see-through purple catsuit, no coldness could have defeated me! After all, when do you really get the chance to model in a waterfall dressed up with one of your most favorite latex catsuit?? And after my latexed body was all covered with shivers, I stripped down and let my sexy curves warm up with the shy rays on sun. Completely naked in the moist plants, I truly felt like a nymph! Pure lust you don’t wanna miss!!

As every girly girl, I love pink! Baby pink, lavender pink, bubble gum pink and I luuuuve Polymorphe’s flash pink latex! But what to make with that eccentric color? I needed something unique, exciting and arousing. A dress perhaps. Well Polymorphe was certainly up for the challenge and this time, he teamed up with world renowned pin up artist Gina King. She agreed to draw me/us some very interesting sketches of what the dress could be and I immediately fell in love with her vision. This 3 buckles dress was a hit at last year’s Fetish Evolution event in Essen when I wore it for the first time. I did wait though to find the best setup here to shoot a complete set with it. And my pink pvc cocoon was perfect for it! Dressed up with the new pinky creation, custom made matching gloves, some black sexy leggings topped with hot pink fishnet and of course my naughty 8’’ black high heels, this outfit has the eroticism and the sex appeal of a wet dream fantasy! I mean, come on! What more can a latex lover need? Check for yourself!

MAKING WAVES – 106 pics
Posing hidden in my studio or in a wild forest is always fun but posing on a beach where tourists and locals witness the shoot provides me such an adrenaline rush! The “forbidden” has always been very exciting for me and while I was in Hawaï, I could let out the exhibitionist in me. Surrounded by beautiful gold sand and turmoil dark blue water, I chose to go with my Polymorphe purple front zip catsuit, socks and hood. The catsuit being a bit see –through , this was a risqué shoot on this very public beach. But I guess the heavy rubber vibe of the outfit gave me the guts to not only sexily pose on the beach, but flaunt also my boobalicious assets in front of everyone daring to look! Naughty, naughty me! Swim with me!


LOVE BOAT – 92 pics
I think there is nothing more romantic and sensual than modeling sexy bikinis on a white sand beach in Jamaica at sunset! The vanishing rays of sun on my honey skin is like a soft caress and the breeze on my thighs and breasts is like a kiss. Only dressed up with my French Riviera style bikini, I got the attention of a local who offered his old fashion style boat as a prop. The mix of the orange sky, my tanned golden skin, the dark blue lagoon and the colorfully old boat made this set among my top 5 bikini shoots. A delicious time spent in the Tropics!

LUXURIA – 114 pics
Hedonism II is an adults-only resort that has the particularity of being visited by mostly nudists or swingers. For an exhibitionist model like me, this is the perfect location to flaunt my best assets not only on the beach, but also on the resort itself. Over there, getting naked is a must-do! But before I got to that point, for your naughty eyes only, I dressed up with my sexy schoolgirl style mini skirt, my fine fushia thong and 32FF bra. It was around noon and the sun was a killer on my sweaty body. Stripping down from my sexy clothes in front of horny tourists was kinky and got me all aroused! What can I say? I’m a pervy girl!

Another great month! Thanks all my fans for your ongoing support, without which this latex and sexy journey would not be possible. Smooches!


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