Mar 10, 2010

Bianca’s Hot Stuff

Bianca’s got the stuff and she sure knows how to show it on the and!  The following is the text she sent through her newsletter :

“Hi everybody!

Black is certainly a classic color that is cherished by a lot by rubberists and I do not make exception to the rule. This month, my Latex Lair is all about black!


HOT STUFF – 126 pics
You know me! I’m always looking for new challenges and getting transformed into a black chick was certainly one of the best I had in years! It took of course several layers of body make-up to get that darker skin tone, and hours of hair crimping to get the afro hair style (no, it’s not a wig). Let me tell you I practiced my patience a lot that day! But boy it was worth it!! Dressed up with a black Polymorphe long sleeves top and tight hot pants, my ultra tight pvc cincher who makes my waist as tiny as 20’’, some sexy black fishnets and my old fashion stiletto black pumps, I was on fire baby!!

Indeed, my front zip black catsuit is a classic wouldn’t you agree? And the white background always makes it stand out at its best! I just love it! Slipping into the tight rubber and feeling its caress on my butt and thighs makes me feel hot! And with my 8’’ heels, I feel irresistibly sexy. Flirting with the camera thinking of you all watching, I enjoyed my classic catsuit a lot!

I’m going crazy for my rubber inflatable walls! Side by side, they become the most perfect rubber nest any true rubberists could ask for! Dressed up head to toe with my naughty front zip black latex catsuit, latex socks and black hood, I was turned into a rubber doll ready to have fun in her rubber playground! With lot and lot and lot of lube so I could gently slides on the mattress and rub my latexed hands on my voluptuous boobies, I certainly felt aroused all the way! And once my rebreather mask was put on, the outfit was simply breath taking! A TRUE Heavy-Rubber shoot for fans of the style!


If I like wearing black color for latex a lot, it’s different for bikinis & lingerie’s. I rather wear pastel colors because they stand out better on an exotic beach or an elegant decor . The BB Glam is all about colors this month!

DEN OF LOVE – 98 pics
Lately, I am in a phase where I looove mixing various texture together. And this is exactly what you will get with my sultry den of love set. First of all, I dressed up with a pink one-piece fishnet body suit. Then, I topped it with my kick ass pink pvc hot pants and my front zip pink pvc top. To go with my 6” pink high heels, I added some pink cotton leg warmers: very Flash dance look. You know what they say: pink is the new black! Well, at least that’s what I say! And the final touch was the purple fake fur cocoon I was modeling in. Now that’s what I call not being afraid of mixing materials together! At some point, the pvc got off exposing my lovely 32FF breasts concealed in the pink fishnet . Teasing my body on the fur was a delightful and lustful experience. Wanna see why?

WATCH CABIN – 105 pics
Modeling on a sunny beach is always very sensual for me but I’m always seeking for diversity and hidden spots. At open-minded resort Hedonism II in Jamaica, the beaches are certainly exquisite! My love of adventure and my curiosity lead me to the woodland surrounding the resort. After inspecting it all, I discovered this abandoned watch cabin. Why was it there for in the middle of nowhere? Was someone coming here every day to watch birds? I never got the answer but I fell under the wood cabin charm. I came back the next day to shoot my sultry bikini that features among my favorites of all time. And because it was so isolated it was perfect for some tropical striptease! Nobody in sight and all the afternoon to be in the wild! Now that’s inviting!


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