May 31, 2010

PHOTOS: Bianca’s Summer Blockbusters this June 2010

Already June, get yourself an air-conditioner because this month, Bianca is packing some serious heat on and! The following is the text and photos Bianca sent through her newsletter:

Hi everybody!

It’s May and the Spring fever is continuing on both my Lair and Glam. Lot of sexy latex catsuits, naughty high heels, sultry bikinis and more combined to the sensuality of nature. Take a look what I have in store for ya!


POISON IVY – 98 pics
A while back, I got many comments that it would be nice if I would personify more super hero characters. Since I love playing them, I finally chose to go with the ultra sexy Poison Ivy character from the Batman story. With my fiery red hair, my voluptuous body and my fascination for villains, Poison Ivy was a kick ass choice! After making some research on the character, I realized the costume would have to be elaborated with a pinup style twist. Knowing that Vex Clothing is known for making pinup style latex clothing, I emailed Laura to see if she could sketch me a costume. When I saw the drawings showing a corset covered with latex ivy, I just knew this would be such a unique latex piece. Each leaf has a tiny wire making it possible to fold and bend the leaves to make them look wild and alive and with some green hot pants and sexy fishnet, the look is just awesome! I then needed the perfect make-up & hairstyle. My make-up artist & good friend Catherine Lavoie is always up for a good challenge and once she finished with me, it was exactly like the way I imagined her. Naughty, mysterious, sensual, and dangerous!

COTTON CANDY – 120 pics
What piece of clothing do I need to wear to feel like a bad ass brat?? For sure, a black latex catsuit!! Then, if I wear a corset over it, it’s even better. Of course, no bad-ass outfit is complete without gloves, and 8’’ black high heels with a platform that is to die for! These shoes are so hot; I could kick anyone’s ass if I needed to! I love them! Although I liked the look of the outfit, I did feel like I was missing a prop to become the bad chick I wanted to be. And then I thought of my biker style sunglasses and when I put them on and smirked at my reflection, I immediately enjoyed the sexy tough overall look of this outfit. Wanna play rough with me hun?? Tough in Fluff! Hey, that could have been the title of this shoot too! LOL!

Well well. Look what I’ve found, literally! This blonde set was lost in the twilight of my computer folders! Yes, the rumor is true. I once traded my fiery red hair for a sultry platinum Barbie hairstyle. I didn’t stay blonde very long, under 6 months only! But quite long enough to make gorgeous blonde photo shoots like this one. Dressed up with my favorite ultra thin pink HW Designs latex catsuit, my skin shined just like a doll’s skin. And when I wore on top my very girly red laced dress (now sold to a fan as a memorabilia item !!), I just felt like a real life doll. Wanna play with me??


After I got the chance to swim in a breathtaking 70m waterfall in Costa Rica, I have imagined myself sexily modeling in one. Waterfalls are not always easy to find where I live, especially big ones. The opportunity came when I was visiting green gem New Zealand. Hidden in a deep forest after a 30 minute walk, the waterfall was standing there proud and strong. I can’t remember how tall it was, but I will always remember how cold the water was especially dressed up with only my itsy bitsy copper latex bikini! But strangely, it was less cold once I was totally naked, playing the nymph in the water and moist plants! Who knows when will be the next time I’ll be stripping down in an exotic waterfall? This set is truly a onetime experience you don’t wanna miss!

FLUFFIN’ SOFT – 107 pics
With the same white faux fur décor I loooove so much (see current feature shoot on, many styles can be done. After modeling a bad-ass chick black latex catsuit, why not going for a sensual glam style outfit?! And what a coincidence: I just had bought myself this sultry black lace gown. With its back all opened showing my toned back and the side curves of my breasts, this intimate dress is such a tease! And when I had plenty of shots showing the lace on my thighs, butt, boobs and back, I felt like feeling the softness of the faux fur on my honey skin. A pure delight! Check for yourself!

Another great month! Thanks all my fans for your ongoing support, without which this latex and sexy journey would not be possible. Smooches!


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