Jun 8, 2011

Join Bianca’s Exotic Wet Fantasies This Summer

Blazing hot sun on a beautiful voluptuous redhead … Do we really need more than that?

Probably not, but even so, it is so fun describing miss Beauchamp’s art that it is now time to review the first photo-set of June from Bianca’s Glamour Lounge.  This itsy bitsy Brazilian cut yellow bikini is to die for,  giving room to our beloved redhead to show her bodacious curves.  The decor is simply enchanting, all those flashy colors mixed with the intense blue of the pool will start a cascade of emotions.  Relaxing, enticing, playful and arousal to name a few, it is fair to say that Bianca’s wet fantasies plays with our mind.

Shot on Hedonism2 in Jamaica (Bianca’s favorite adult kinky resort), under the very nose of the guests (lucky bastards!), our diva surely didn’t develop any “on the spot” timidity.  Oiled up from head to toe, she gave the sun and those guests a run for their money.  Mister the Sun got a little enthusiast and as the set advance, you can see Bianca’s skin getting more red.  Another proof of devotion from miss Beauchamp in regard to her fans.

View this exotic sunshine of desires now and put a little sunshine in your day!

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