Nov 13, 2014

BEACH BABE BIKINI – Exotic Sexiness!


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It’s now November and I don’t know how good the weather is for you where you live, but here in Montreal, the wind is blowing the last leaves off the trees that desperately try to hold on a summer that no longer is. And while I see them twirling up in the air, my mind drifts away to a place where snow, cold wind and blizzard are a myth. Believe me, winter can be pretty damn cold here, sometime reaching  down the -35C. When the weather drops down to that point, this is the time where I pack my sexy swimsuits such as this itsy bitsy sparkle green Brazilian cut bikini and fly my lovely firm butt to some sunny destinations such as Mexico.

In the warm weather of the south, I can not only sun tan my curvy body but also avoid suntan lines as I always love staying at Desire Resort where full nudity is permitted on the site. For an exhibitionist like me, you don’t have to tell me twice that and I might start the afternoon by wearing a  bikini but I always finish it in the nudes. And I have to say the type of clothing I wear over there is something very revealing. The sparkle turquoise bikini top I wear in this shoot is kind of too small to hide all of my big round boobs and it kind of make me feel almost naked in a way when I wear it. The sun on my skin is always a major turn on for me  and  laying on the gold sand beach wearing or my bikini or even my yellow lace babydoll  lingerie was to me an experience that has to be lived at least once in life.   Wanna live it with me?

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