Feb 4, 2011

TOP 10 Bianca Photoshoots of 2010! #10




Over 1000 fans of Bianca Beauchamp rated her Latex and Glamour photoshoots published in 2010! Throughout the course of the month of February, we’ll present to you the results from the feverish rating competition! And the 10th place goes to…

LatexLair‘s 10th POSITION : Fishnet Dreams / rating: 7.98

Like every girly girl, Bianca loves pink! Baby pink, lavender pink, bubble gum pink and she luuuuves Polymorphe’s flash pink latex! Polymorphe teamed up with world renowned pin-up artist Gina King who agreed to draw sexy sketches for the dress’ design. This 3 buckle dress was a hit when Bianca wore it for the first time in 2009 at Fetish Evolution in Germany. Shot in an ultra sexy shiny pink set,  accessorized with custom made matching gloves, black sexy leggings topped with hot pink fishnet and of course some naughty 8’’ black high heels, this outfit has the eroticism and the sex appeal of a wet dream fantasy! No wonder this shoot made it in our Top 10 latex Photoshoots of 2010! And you can view these latex photos now!

Glamour Lounge‘s 10th POSITION : Boob Galore / rating: 8.24

Shot on a white background, this is certainly a sexy and sensual set! Only dressed up with a g-string, Bianca showed off her insane workout results she’s had at the gym.  Check out the abs on that babe! Yummy. But of course, those abs are nothing compare to lady Beauchamp’s wonderful humongous breasts! It is a good point to mention that this photoshoot was one of the first if not the first to show how rewarding Bianca’s new gym training of 2010 really paid off!  Maybe you should view these glam photos now!

Blast From The Past!
(Last Year’s 10th Position)

ENTICING DELICACY | 8.089 | view
This ultra tight corset amplified Bianca’s tiny waist and 32FF curves!

AROUSING SYLPH | 8.209 | view
A surreal look that charmed and enchanted our beautiful Vixen.  Sexy!

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