Dec 8, 2015

Aphrodisiac Sleep-Over – Fiery nights


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If Las Vegas is the “Sin City”, I would say that Bangkok is the “Sex City” and to my taste, way much more sinful than Vegas will ever be. Maybe I say that  because I am not a gambler, but definitely a cute sex addict and I definitely had more naughty fun during my 3 nights stay at Bangkok than I ever had all the times I have been to Las Vegas. While Vegas is more posh and classy with its Strip of Casinos and late night shows, Bangkok has the most depraved “Red Light District” that I ever been too. Filled with sex motels, bars and of course, Soapies (an establishment where you rent the service of “ladies of the night” get bathe & massaged by them with some sort of thick soap and get a happy ending – or not – to your discretion), GoGo Bars, this is the place where any open-mind tourist will want to check out, even if it’s only for one night.

Well of course, I am not just any type of tourist, right? :-p Not only my mind is wide opened, but it’s also wicked. And I believe that my sexuality’s vibe translates into my modeling.  More than the big breasts and round butt, that sexual raw flirtatious vibe reflects like a spark in my eyes and on the corner of my smirky lips. That is why you feel the sex vibe while looking at my photos. Because it’s real.

So what does it mean really? Well it means that while I was in Bangkok, I not only spent a night at a Soapie (do you think I chose the happy ending option or not?) and visited some GoGo bars in the “Red Light District”, but I also spent my 3 nights at a sex motel like you are about to see in this photo shoot. The room was not rented by the hour as this establishment was more like a deluxe sex hotel but it didn’t matters because I would not have wanted to stay there only for a couple of hours. My lord, the room!!! I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! I even did a selfie video in French for my friends at home as I wanted to share them the little cheesy yet fun & sexy details of it. Painted in bright yellow and deep purple, with a love swing and BDSM props displayed a little bit everywhere, hetero and Lady Boy porns on t.v, I just knew that not only I would have sex in that room, but I would also enjoy modeling in it.

Dressed up with a sultry fine black lingerie, a pair of thigh high stockings and high heels pumps, I am getting ready to go out for the night. But before I put on my classy black cocktail dress and disappear in the night, I am making sure that this set will give you YOUR  happy ending  :-p


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