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Apr 8, 2016

Lust in The Woods – Come find me!!

    Are you an horror/thriller movie fan? I certainly am. When I was a teenager, I used to stay up all night and watch every horror B movies that my local video store could possibly let me rent. The more choking and frightening the movie was, the most thrilled I felt. From world acclaimed […]

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Mar 16, 2016

The Love Shack – relaxing nudity

    I was touring beautiful Thailand and my spontaneity lead my journey  to the West coast where I got lost in Thailand’s exotic jungle. Of course, when I say “lost”, it’s only a figure of speech. You did not actually believe I got lost for real in the wild, didn’t you?! Now that would […]

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Mar 7, 2016

My Girly Motel Stories – Wanna go to my room?

    Thank gawd! March is at last at our doors blowing its warmer breeze all over us to wake us up  from winter hibernation. Farewell cold and freezing winter,  and helloooooo nice sunny blooming spring! Yay! As a sun & heat lover myself, Spring is definitely the season that makes me wanna express the […]

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Mar 1, 2016

PIN-UP in the ATTIC – wickedly sexy

  Now where was I on the planet this time?? These photos were taken last summer when I was traveling Europe for a month. My first Euro-trip stop was the city of Vienna in Austria where I met Harald, designer of HW Design, a world renowned  latex company that I always enjoyed doing business with […]

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Feb 22, 2016

Venus Visions – Unbelievable sensuality

    Some have asked me by email or in the comments box if there would be another part of my “Sheets of Love” photo shoot and as promised, here it is! Is it the moody light, the natural make-up, the elegant pink underwear or me laying on the white linen that makes you wanna […]

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Jan 19, 2016

BLISSFUL MYST – A spray of naughtiness

    It was the month of April 2015 and outside my hotel room, a sizzling tropical sun was blasting the chaotic streets of the city of Pattaya in beautiful Thailand. The barometer had reached  a scary  45 degrees Celsius (113F) and all I could think of was finding a way to cool myself down. […]

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Jan 9, 2016

BUSTY SPLASH pt.2 – Soaked in sexiness!

    Thailand is by far my favorite country I had the chance to visit in my life and without a doubt, spending six weeks over there where I could allow myself to take some real quality time to discover its beauty  played a huge part in it. By planes, trains, buses, scooters and on […]

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Jan 5, 2016

SHINY RUBBER STAR PT.2 – Vixen attitude!!

    My black latex neck entry catsuit is back baby and for this part 2 of my lascivious naughty sensual fun time, I mean serious business, or should I say, serious boobie business! What? Do you think that because I wear a catsuit with no zippers I cannot therefore play with my puppies?? Well […]

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