Dec 7, 2012

Haute Couture Latex Collections – Westward Bound is a “Serious Fashion Entity”

Tony Mitchel’s THE FETISHISTAS features a delectable interview with Westward Bound, the England based latex fashion design company with whom Bianca Beauchamp has developed a close relationship the past two years.

If you love latex fashion, and you are on Facebook (who isn’t!), then you know Westward Bound.  Their Facebook Page acquired ~50,000 followers in less than 18 months, an astonishing accomplishment in the niche market of latex designs, and a testament to not only the quality of their products but also to the obvious marketing intelligence of the duo pulling the strings behind the scenes: long time couple and partner in crime Steve and Sarah Beech.

As per stated by Tony Mitchel in his article, “in the two years since deciding to move upmarket, Westward Bound has launched three well-received couture-inspired latex collections that it believes have firmly established its credentials as a designer label.”

You could be one of the many people who just recently heard about Westward Bound, with all the buzz they generate online lately. But you’d be surprised to learn the company’s been around for almost 30 years! Their journey is a fantastic story, and we encourage you to

read the full interview at .

Closer to home, you’ve seen Bianca wear a lot of WB’s fashion the past two years.  More recently, the fantastic Pillow Fight phtooshoot conducted in Montreal with six models (Bianca, Jean Bardot, Jade Vixen, Psylocke, Lacy Black, Jasmine Virginia) [top photo].

And here are some additional photoshoots published throughout the year with Bianca wearing deliciously kinky latex designs by Westwrad Bound:


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