Dec 16, 2010

Sweet Life Music with Bianca Beauchamp

Bianca Beauchamp pops her bubblegum on National Airlines’ Sweet Life CD cover art!

Melbourne’s indie pop band National Airlines asked Playboy sexy model Bianca Beauchamp to appear on their CD art cover, for the release of their brand new album Sweet Life.  The disco pop design complements very well the overall cheeky tone of National Airlines’ upbeat music inspired by 80’s hit bands such as the B-52’s, and Gary Numan.

Sweet Life is the debut single from pop band’s album. Sweet Life is a catchy and cheeky new wave pop track that gained attention for this new band from the moment of it’s release.  Sweet Life is being promoted on MTV Latin America’s brand new telenovela ‘Ninas Mal’ (translation: Bad Girls!). The shows producers loved the song and in keeping with their determination to promote new independent music are using it for the show’s pre-season teasers as well as during the season.   The other tracks featured on the album are Disctonected, Walk Free, Discount Love, and Candy.

Head over to this page to listen to samples from the album’s five tracks.  You can also purchase the the physical CD or digital tracks directly from National Airlines, or on iTunes.

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