Mar 3, 2008

Studying Bianca

Lorenzo at work in his Art Class.This is certainly fresh and original news! Acclaimed Heavy Metal Magazine Pinup Artist Lorenzo Sperlonga who created superb artworks of Bianca Beauchamp, and other famous Pinups such as Julie Strain and Aria Giovanni amongst others, just sent in original pictures of an Art Class he gave featuring Bianca Beauchamp as their main inspiration!

Lorenzo contacted us a few weeks ago requesting permission to use one of Bianca’s photos as inspiration for one of his art class on creating Pinup artworks. Lorenzo and his students decided to send in photos from the experience, along with work in progress shots of the students at work. You can view and discuss about these photos on Bianca Beauchamp’s Forum where they were all posted. The result speak volumes on the talent of these artists and on Lorenzo’s abilities to transmit his artistic knowledge. Congratulations to all and thank you so much for sending these pictures!

Quicly: on the ALL ACCESS 2 front, things are progressing smoothly. More news should come up our way in the following week or two.

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