Apr 20, 2009

REPORT: Fetish Evolution 2009 1/4 – Hotel Revolution

This is our first of three photo reports on Fetish evolution 2009 where Bianca Beauchamp was guest of honor and co-MC with Paul Nathan April 10th-13th 2009.

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The Hotel Bredeney in Essen, which was entirely booked by Fetish Evolution attendees, models, makers and photographers, was the Head Quarter of the festive Fetish Evolution Weekend.  The hotel was the party central of after parties, the non-stop sexy fashion parades in corridors, the alluring private moments to a few selected depraved ones behind closed doors… But most of all it was there that people could attend the phantasmagorical FETISH EXPO (Sat. & Sun. – Report coming soon), visit the colorful ART GALLERY (see photos) and start the evening of parties with the traditional Fetish Evolution MEET & GREET.

The MEET & GREET is a pre-party at the hotel where models, makers and photographers mingle while indulging in fresh bubbly and the likes.  Previous years at Fetish Evolution had the MEET & GREET precede the first party event of the weekend, usually held at a venue outside the hotel on the same night.  Due to legal reasons (mostly, Easter’s Black Friday in Germany prohibiting the organization of public parties/events), this year’s FE MEET & GREET had its own night dedicated only to that meeting event.

The M&G was scheduled to start at 6PM at the hotel bar.  The hot blazing sun of an early summer day was heating greatly the room, making it somewhat unpleasant to one guest too many… That is, before the few attendees who were present in the mostly empty room realized the event had been postponed to 8PM.   Strangely, that information was nowhere to be seen and people finally relied on word of mouth to spread the news.

After a confusing  false-start, guests populated the room very fast and by 8:30PM, latex fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp made her entrance in her bronze buckle dress accompanied by her entourage, fetish photographer and life partner Martin Perreault, stylist Catherine Lavoie, and All Access 2 cameraman & event photographer Belgium Marc Poelmans.  When Bianca finished posing here and there in the bar for Perreault, she went on to greet the crowd with the official MC of the whole weekend, Mr. Paul Nathan.

Present at the event was fetish legend Jean Bardot in a superb leopard rubber corset who shared with the crowd her magical laughter and usual enthusiasm.  Returning photographers Maxime Avet and Laurent Boeki , and Models & Performers Anastasia Pierce, Kendra James, Kumi, Miss Suzn, Eden Wells,  to name those few were also present along with many fresh faces such as French model Marie Kalista, Toxica, and Skin.  The E-Zine The Fetishistas editor Tony Mitchell was also part of the celebrations.

The evening continued for a couple of hours, with photographers documenting the event while people mingled and drinked.    Most attendees were dressed for the occasion, mostly in latex outfits and corsets.  Eventually the crowd dissipated into smaller groups, which judging by the festive sounds coming out of the open windows, undoubtably finished the festivities in the privacy of their rooms…

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