Apr 9, 2012

Rare Bianca Beauchamp Collector Items

Bianca Beauchamp added this week on her Official Online Store very rare unique copies of her book Sex Symbol.

Bianca’s book Fetish Sexy Symbol, which was printed as a limited edition (only 2000 copies: 1000 copies of the purple cover edition of the book, and 1000 copies of the blue cover) was recently announced as Sold Out.  Meaning, if you didn’t purchase your copy, chances are the only way you’ll now be able to get it is through Ebay auctions from fans, or perhaps if you are interested in getting yourself a unique and rare copy of the book.

Indeed, Bianca just put up on her store 8 rare copies of her book.  2 of them are of the Blue Cover, and 6 are from the Purple Cover.  What’s rare about these 8 books?  Well, they are mistakes from the print shop: the content of the book is completely inverted to the orientation of the cover art!  In the description of the items on Bianca’s store, it is said that those copies are the only ones in existence with this specific major print shop mistake.

Bianca is selling those rare collector copies for a little over $200.  The regular copies of the book originally sold for $65.

Head over to Bianca’s online store to read more about these unique items.



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