Feb 16, 2008

Project Latex Land Final Photos

Closeup of one of the Project Latex Land final artworksAll Access 2 is progressing smoothly and while we wait for some more preview content to be posted, I thought the following news might interest a lot of you out there.

The Project Latex Land website has received a major update this weekend showing their much anticipated final photo artworks. The photographic concept by Martin Perreault and Gil Perron where real latex lovers star in public environments received a lot of attention by the local media during the Montreal Fetish Weekend 2007 where Perreault and Perron held an exhibition which received over 500 visitors. Bizarre magazine held an impressive 7 page feature for the project (December 2007), Marquis had two full pages on the project, and Skin Two is reported to be preparing a feature on Project Latex Land for their next issue. It had been announced on Project Latex Land website that the final artworks would be posted in early 2008. It looks like they kept their promise, and the photos can now be viewed in 1200 pixel. I leave you with this closeup preview showing a pretty latex lady in full body latex suit and matching hood from one of the final eight artworks. This photo features 18 peeps in latex in a general grocery store. Visit their website to see all the photos.

For additional fun, play the game “WHERE’S BIANCA BEAUCHAMP” while looking at each scene. She is featured in one of the photos. Enjoy!

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