Jan 18, 2012

Bianca Beauchamp, NUDE against #SOPA, says “End Piracy. Not Liberty!”


Those are the words you can read on Bianca Beauchamp’s B&W Nude photo, censored on the breasts and privates with two censor boxes that say “STOP SOPA + PIPA” and “AmericanCensorship.org“.

Bianca joins the cause against cencorship, by putting her nude photo on the front page of www.biancabeauchamp.com , along with this video .  Early indications show that Bianca’s photo may have gone viral on Twitter and Facebook, where she posted the photo with the words “Me, NUDE against #SOPA”.

Today is international BLACKOUT DAY on the internet, a protest against American Censorship.  Websites worldwide such as big names like WiredGoogle and Wikipedia rally to protest against extreme censorship from USA that could change the face of internet.  If you check those websites on the day of January 18th, you’ll see they have dramatically been altered (Google blacked out its logo; Wikipedia is now a black page; Wired has altered all its words when you hover on them).

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