Sep 28, 2009

Polymorphe Online Store Now Fully Operational

Polymorphe Latex Fashion’s website is now online… and fully operational!

It is well known Bianca Beauchamp has been a long time collaborator & customer of Polymorphe Latex Fashion.  For the longest time, Bianca’s fans who wished to purchase Polymorphe could only do it through resellers.  That was until earlier last July when Polymorphe had its website revamped with its own online store where people could finally make their favorite purchase online, albeit minor order hickups as originaly reported on 3XL’s website.

We received confirmation this week that Polymorphe’s Online Store is now fully operational and in perfect working order.  We were also informed new items are updated on a regular basis.   The VIDEOS section on the Polymorphe website has also received a facelift with a total of 8 videos featuring the fashions of Polymorphe in various media.  The video above is from the DVD  Bianca Beauchamp All Access 2, and features a visit at the Polymorphe workshop.

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