Jul 12, 2009

Original Bianca Beauchamp painting sold!

An original painting of Bianca Beauchamp from artist Francis Gingras was sold this week to an art collector.

A quick look on Bianca Beauchamp’s online store today reveals that the original painting “Luxurious Bianca” from one of Quebec’s notable painters, Francis Gingras, is marked as “sold”.  While Bianca Beauchamp offers her own personal prints reproductions of photographs, and also hand numbered art reproductions from Michael Calandra and Gina King, “Luxurious Bianca” was the only original painting available on the store and it sold close to $1,200 .  The painting was published in an issue of Art Scene magazine at the beginning of 2009.  We were able to reach the new owner of the painting, Mr. Grunkemeyer from the state of Washington (USA), for a quick Q&A:

Mr. Grunkemeyer, are you an art collector?

I don’t see myself as a collector. Yet this will be my second art purchase with beautiful women as the subject… So I guess I’m
becoming a collector after all!

What brought you to purchase this painting of Bianca Beauchamp?

I recently purchased my first townhouse and needed something to transform the house into a home. The painting is very warm and inviting, and Bianca is calming on the eyes. It’s a great piece.

How do you know Bianca Beauchamp?

I’ve been a big fan of Bianca since I was in college (graduated in 2002).  This was pre-boob job and when she had just the  latex site (www.latexlair.com). I’d say three things have attracted me to Bianca: First, was her fiery red hair and smile… Next was the latex; back when I first saw the site I was amazed someone could make a strong fashion statement out of wearing this exotic “plastic” material. It was very unique and Bianca looked nothing like a “regular” paper thin model wearing vanilla clothes. Lastly the fact that both Bianca and Martin (Perreault) allowed their fans a peak behind the camera, and that her boyfriend wasthe one snapping the pictures! I though “Wow – what chemistry that couple has”!  I also have Bianca’s book which I’ve really enjoyed. Makes for GREAT coffee table conversations.

Is this your first original painting you’ve purchased of famous pin-up/fetish models?

While not fetish related, I have an original photograph of Jinny Jacinto called Par(en)thèse. Jinny is a contortionist who’s worked for Cirque De Soleil and she’s appeared in tv commercial for Radison Hotels. The photo was taken by Michel Pilon and I purchased it when Cirque was in Seattle 2 years ago. The thing that struck me about Jinny is her physical ability to contort her body and the raw “presence” she conveyed with her eyes.  I will say its interesting that the two pieces of art I own both have a French Canadian source…. That wasn’t intentional but its worked out great.

Thank you Mr. Grunkemeyer!

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