May 4, 2009

COVER: Bull’s Eye! Mainstream Mag diggs Bianca… in latex!

Latex fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp establishes herself as a viable mainstream asset by nailing the cover of Naked Eye pop culture magazine… in latex!

For the past two years, Canadian beauty Bianca Beauchamp has out-ranked A-list actresses like Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie in’s annual “Top 99 Most Desirable Women” survey. Her looks have landed her on over 55 covers, including the much-coveted Playboy magazine.  With legions of fans from the alternative life style scene behind her, Bianca is now finally busting out into the mainstream, shattering conventional standards of beauty along the way. In this groundbreaking issue, Bianca sits down with Naked Eye to discuss the fame that comes with being a sex symbol, breaking the taboos surrounding fetishism and her many adoring fans – both male and female.

Beauchamp has always been flirting between her niche of latex fetish photography and the mainstream media.   Over time, she has established herself and her photography as being classy.  Yet bringing the mainstream to recognize her work as being accessible to all medias took close to a decade of persuasive photography.

From her humble debuts in the early 2000’s when the word “Fetish” had a bad reputation in the media mostly due to TV featuring the subject in a  sensationalism light, Beauchamp has established herself not only as the first latex model online ever -which in turn spawned a new modeling trend-, but as a classy and intelligent lady who produces quality alternative photography commercially viable to a wide range of spectators. With films such as ALL ACCESS 1 & 2, and with her multiple appearances on magazine covers and TV interviews, Beauchamp has tamed the media and as a result a large portion of the general population has grown very very fond of her.

Jump forward two months later: Naked Eye, a mainstream magazine, is now featuring Bianca Beauchamp fully clothed in latex on their cover along with a full latex editorial.  The interview, conducted by Montreal based journalist Christopher Paré, is an excellent read on the latex icon’s ascension to fetish stardom, tainted with peeks at her youth, past tv interviews, and her fascination with women (and vice-versa).   The article is accompanied with photos of Bianca in latex shot in Hawaii, some of them even featuring Bianca wearing a latex hood!  Very spicy for a mainstream mag!  The editorial’s properly titled “Bianca Busts Out: Canada’s latex queen brings the fetish to the mainstream” is the proof that latex fashion can be erotic and accepted by the mainstream sought for by the mainstream, just like they would for any other contemporary subject matter that contains sexually charged content (ie. films, videoclips, ads, etc.).

This is Bianca’s second mainstream latex cover in less than four weeks (see our UPDATE MAG news report.)

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