Mar 4, 2008

Meet Bianca @ Fetish Evolution 2008

Bianca Beauchamp at Fetish Evolution 2006You can meet Bianca Beauchamp at Germany’s FETISH EVOLUTION 2008 which is being held at Essen March 21st to March 24. Bianca will be present at all events, and will take part in HW DESIGN‘s Latex Fashion Show on Monday night at FE2008’s main event where over 2000 people will be partying all dressed up in fetish kinky clothes! If you are looking for a great fetish event to go to for your first time, or simply to go to a new event, search no further because this is one party you wont want to miss!

Fetish Evolution 2008As usual, if you spot Bianca, go and say hello! She loves to meet with fans at those events! So look out for her in the crowd where she will most certainly be partying… in latex of course! And let’s not forget her entourage: fetish photographer Martin Perreault and Bianca’s hair stylist The Richard (ALL ACCESS and ALL ACCESS 2). So come and say hello!

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