Nov 8, 2011

Meet Bianca Beauchamp @ Torture Garden Montreal, Nov.25-27

Come meet Bianca Beauchamp at the worldwide fetish event Torture Garden Montreal 2011, November 25 to 27.

Torture Garden, the world’s largest fetish / body art club is coming to Montreal as part of their 20th Anniversary Tour November 25-26-27, 2011.  This highly anticipated weekend of world class fetish events marks the first time Torture Garden has ever performed in Montreal.

Info & Tickets:

TG Montreal has selected venues that have a unique character and represent Montreal’s special nightlife (Le Belmont, Le Bain Mathieu, Velvet). These venues also have limited capacities (400-650). The event is encouraging the most enthusiastic among local and international TG fans and fetish communities to be among the attending and to prepare their most fantastic outfits for what they say will be a new level of fetish party in Montreal (full list).

TG founders and DJs Allen TG and David TG will be accompanied by TG feature performer Empress Stah and TG latex designer Kaori of Kaori’s Latex Dreams. The event is said to also feature the best local talents Montreal has to offer.

Latex fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp will be part of the VIP Guests at the grand Torture Garden Montreal 2011. Come party and say hello!

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