Jul 9, 2009

Martin Perreault: Fetish Award winner

Bianca Beauchamp’s life partner and main photograher Martin Perreault has received the honorable Special Award at the European’s Fetish Awards 2009.

As reported on our sister site LatexAllAccess.com by writer/model honeyhair, All Access director & editor Martin Perreault received the Special Award at the European Fetish Awards 2009 for “expanding from photography of Bianca, to releasing books, making a full feature movie (All Access) and setting up Project LatexLand where real fetishists can live an every day life (for a moment, at least)“.

Perreault, who photographed 90% of Bianca Beauchamp’s content of the past 10 years (websites, 50+ covers, 100+ magazine issues), and photographed the cover for “Bizarre magazine’s top selling issue of 2008 (April Flores issue )”1, commented on this award: “I am very honored by this recognition from my peers.  Latex fetish photography is a labour of love for me, it’s always been.  I proudly share this award with Bianca without whom all of this would not have been possible.

The European Fetish Awards were created by the German Fetish Ball producer René De Parade, and the announcement of the award winners took place at this year’s Fetish Ball.  The awards were voted by this year’s jury made out known figures in the fetish scene, notably 3xL (Editor of 3xL: Lust, Love & Latex), Denise Caesar (Editor of Dark Spy), Alexander Horn (Editor of Latexnews), Belgium Marc (Scene insider & journalist), Tony Mitchell (Editor of The Fetishistas), Tsubasa (Designer of this great Awards), Matthias Grimme (Editor of Schlagzeilen), and Tim Woodward (Editor of Skin Two).

1. reference: In July 2009’s issue of Bizarre magazine featuring April Flores shot for the second time by Martin Perreault, the journalist states “April Flores’s issue of 2008 was our top selling issue of the year”.

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