Jan 8, 2011

Bianca Fashion Mainstream in Full Latex Gear! A Clin d’Oeil Exclusive!

Canada’s number one mainstream fashion magazine Clin d’Oeil treats its 660,000 readers to a 3 page latex spread & sexy interview with International Latex Queen Bianca Beauchamp!

From pop fetish to mainstream fashion, Bianca makes the jump effortlessly with grace, charm and elegance.  The Montreal based foxy redhead with her prominent curvaceous attributes stops at nothing to break down taboos, posing in latex from head to toe and exposing her sexiness in the highly acclaimed fashion magazine composed of near 1 million readers, 80% of which are women between 18 to 50!  Bianca tackled the challenge full force with a witty interview, her natural charm and approachable character.

Clin d’Oeil’s Sexy Issue (a Special Issue that acts as a bridge between New Year’s Eve and St-Valentine’s Day, no less!) contains lots of sexy articles on a variety of sex topics ranging from fetish to porn stars, romance, and what makes women tick.  On the cover, one of its titles says “FETISH 101 with BIANCA BEAUCHAMP“. (photo above: Bianca at a photoshoot, holding a copy of the January issue of Clin d’Oeil | insert right: closeup of the cover.)

Bianca’s interview conducted by journalist Mathieu St-Onge brings the readers into Bianca’s world, where she talks about how people end up in the latex fetish world, what’s so different about latex and other sexy materials, and her suggestions on how to be introduced to the world of latex.   Bianca’s latex photos featured in the interview were taken by the Latex Icon’s long time partner in crime & photographer Martin Perreault.

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* Statistical Sources: 2010 Magazine stats, and Clin d’Oeil readership.



Le numéro 1 des magazines fashion Canadiens Clin d’Oeil invite ses 660,000 lecteurs à se familiariser avec le fétichisme du latex en interviewant la célèbre Canadienne et référence en la matière Bianca Beauchamp!

Bianca présente le fétichisme du latex au public du fashion populaire, avec charme, grace et élégance. Notre rousse Montréalaise expose ses courbes généreuses et n’a pas froid aux yeux.  En quête de faire tomber les tabous, elle pose en latex de la tête au pieds dans le magazine prestigieux du fashion Clin d’Oeil, et en mets plein la vue à son lectorat de près d’un million de personnes, composées à 80% de femmes agées de 18 à 50 ans!  Bianca réussie se tour de force à l’aide d’une charmante entrevue, mettant de l’avant son charme naturel et une personalité invitante.

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