Aug 30, 2012

Magazine Cover : “Fetish Idol” Bianca Beauchamp does Bizarre for the 9th time!

Bianca Beauchamp oozes sexiness for the 9th time on the cover of Bizarre magazine, all bubbly and flirtatious in pink latex (Polymorphe Fashion)!

Bianca Beauchamp is the most popular Bizarre Mag  Cover Star to ever grace the front page of the UK based magazine. That’s 9 TIMES ladies and gentlemen, NINE!  Well, in fact, you could say TEN AND A HALF if you count the special fetish 2-cover edition, and also the insert she had on the Kat Von D cover. [see all covers at the end of this post]

In this October Issue where Bizarre calls Bianca a “FETISH IDOL”, Bizarre gave control of the interview to their readers who asked Bianca such questions as “CAN I EAT FISH, CHIPS AND MUSHY PEAS OUT OF YOUR UNDERWEAR?”.  OK…  Indeed, THAT is BIZARRE! ;)

Twisted toys, Judge Dredd (cover), and the Bizarre fans asking Bianca Beauchamp some very dirty questions alongside super sexy latex photos of the international latex icon…

October issue of Bizarre Magazine – ON SALE from Tuesday, August 28 2012 (Europe & N-America)!  

BELOW: Bianca Beauchamp on the Cover of Bizarre Magazine, in order of publication.  
Bianca is the only model to have graced the cover of the Alt-Magazine that many times.


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