Sep 22, 2008

MAG: Wet & Wild Bianca Down Under

Cover of People, AustraliaAnother magazine appearance for Miss Bianca Beauchamp, this time in PEOPLE magazine in the land of Australia!

Bianca’s sexy white and wet t-shirt got her a lot of attention this year, appearing earlier in ZOO Magazine on their top Babes of the week list, and now in PEOPLE magazine in Australia both on their cover (see insert left) and in a special feature on sexy wet ‘n wild pictures (see photo below).  Again, more recognition from the mainstream media for our beloved Latex Queen!  And for your viewing pleasure, we were able to get our hands on two additional exclusive shots of Bianca in never before published photos of her in the same wet ‘n wild theme… Enjoy below!  more of Bianca Beauchamp Wet & Wild Photos Here!

pe37wet.indd Bianca Beauchamp Bianca Beauchamp

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