Sep 3, 2009

MAGAZINE: One more for Bianca Beauchamp!

DERNIÈRE HEURE, a leading mainstream magazine in Québec (Canada), gives the four page Feature Treatment to “Queen of Latex” Bianca Beauchamp!

DERNIÈRE HEURE (lib.transl.: STOP THE PRESS!) is a leading weekly mainstream magazine in Québec (Canada) featuring stories on popular local and international celebrities.  In it’s current edition (vol.16, #18), Beauchamp is given the four page feature treatment with an article signed Louis-Philippe Messier.  The article titled “Bianca Beauchamp, the Latex Queen” tells the story of Bianca and her ascension to fetish stardom.  The article is extremely flattering for the latex model:

“Michael Jackson was the king of pop.  Bianca is the queen of latex.  She’s 32 and from Québec.  And millions of men preferred her over Angelina Jolie on “

“Bianca is a natural Pin-Up, just like the legendary Bettie Page was. Her obvious pleasure to model is contagious.”

“The queen of latex appeared on 62 covers!”

Additionally, the article features photos of Bianca by Martin Perreault, notably a superb black & red catsuit & leggings outfit on a double-page printout, Bianca as Silk Spectre, a photo of Bianca with Paul Nathan on stage at Fetish Evolution 2009, and Bianca with Perreault on the red carpet of the All Access 2 film premiere taken at the Montreal Fetish Weekend 2008.  The article is followed by an insert on the local scene in Montreal, making mention of the upcoming Fetish Weekend 2009 (Sep.4-6) and the Kinky Fest (Oct.9-11), amongst others.

This issue of DERNIERE HEURE marks Bianca’s third appearance in a mainstream magazine in three months.  We reported recently on Bianca’s Naked Eye magazine cover and her Summum magazine cover.

You can get your copy on stands now until September 18th.

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