Jan 4, 2009

Latex Battle of the Covers 2008

Bianca BeauchampBianca’s latexlair.com is starting 2009 with a big boom, offering its 100 top latex covers of 2008 for you to rate!

This is not the first time Bianca showcases her TOP 100 COVERS of the year on her latex website.  Bianca’s Latex Lair has offered that game to her fans a few times in the past and it seems the site skipped the popular Battle last year.  But it’s back again, and this time we get to rate 100 covers from Bianca’s Latex Update Features that appeared on her website in 2008.  This is not only a fun game, it is a great opportunity to view the kind of quality latex shoots Bianca Beauchamp published on her website throughout the year, and at the same time voice your opinion on which shoots you like best and which you like least.  And in the end, your votes decide on the top shoot of the year.

Check out Bianca’s Latex Website or this direct link to the Latex Battle Of the Covers 2008!

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