Oct 18, 2008

iPhone Friendly

Bianca Beauchamp iphoneQuick news today to inform all our readers that www.biancabeauchampallaccess.com is now iPhone & iTouch friendly!

When you connect with your iphone or your itouch, the pages of our website will be automatically reformated to simplify and enhance your surfing experience, properly fitted to your device.  You may experience trouble viewing VIMEO videos because they are Flash enabled and Apple’s Touch devices currently don’t support Flash (for some reason!).  But you can still view all the video clips that we post on Youtube.

Check the inserted screen grabs to see how the site and articles look on the iphone and itouch!  And don’t forget to join our RSS FEED to stay informed on all the news posted about your favorite latex fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp!

Bianca Beauchamp iphoneBianca Beauchamp iphone

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