Jun 21, 2008

Sex & Kinks with RubberDoll – Interview

RubberdollWe are proud to bring to you an exclusive interview with latex fetish model and performer RubberDoll!

RubberDoll (ALL ACCESS 2) has one of the most friendliess face in the fetish industry, and her contagious laughter has a way of melting hearts. She is extremely active in the fetish scene with her multiple Live fetish Performances around the world at every major Fetish Event. Her extensive latex wardrobe is to die for, and matches RubberDoll’s charismatic and playful personality: colorful, extravagant, with a lot of attention to detail.

RubberDoll is the new addition in ALL ACCESS 2′ main cast, and it is with great pleasure and excitement that we bring you the following in-depth interview with one of today’s prominent fetish figure!

Latex Fetish Model & Performer
Websites: RubberDoll.net | ShinySluts.Com

BBAA: Hi RubberDoll! Thanks for offering your time for this interview. How are you doing?

RUBBERDOLL: I’m doing quite well, thanks. I’m looking forward to chatting with you.

BBAA: With a name like RubberDoll, we know it’s all about latex! How did you choose this name and why?

RUBBERDOLL: Believe it or not, the name “RubberDoll” actually started as a screenname I used on AOL. At the time I created it, I did not yet have a website and I really hadn’t even started taking many photos. But, I had developed a very strong interest in latex clothing, which is what inspired me to take that name. Prior to that, I had been very involved in the gothic scene and was particularly interested in the fashions associcated with it. After high school, a lot of my goth friends starting going to

fetish clubs and I went along with them. It was through those experiences that I was first exposed to latex clothing and I was immediately fascinated by it. So, that is how “RubberDoll” was born.

    “For me, calling myself RubberDoll is more about looking very sexy in latex, and not transforming into an actual rubber sex doll.”

BBAA: There is a big “Rubber Doll” fetish out there where people fantasize about giving pleasure to, or getting pleasure from, a human “rubber doll”: a person dressed up in latex from head to toe who would act the part of a human sex doll, obedient to all of the owner’s commands, in a latex fetish environment. Does this fetish ring a bell for you, and do you feel a connection to it in any way?

RUBBERDOLL: I’m very aware of that fetish and I do find it to be quite interesting. But, it really does not have much of a connection to my use of the name “RubberDoll”. For me, calling myself RubberDoll is more about just looking very sexy in latex, and not transforming into an actual rubber sex doll. In the first place, I tend to be much more dominant than submissive, so the concept of being a doll that is controlled by someone else is not really a natural fit for me. I also tend not to go for the “completely encased in latex” look, and I typically don’t wear hoods since I like to be creative with hair and make-up. But, I do find the “rubberdoll fetish” to be interesting and I have played with a few “rubberdolls” myself, including my friend Steffy the Rubberdoll.

BBAA: Your website www.rubberdoll.net features exquisite latex fetish photography. What brought you to pose for the camera in latex?

RUBBERDOLL: Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy the photos. I’ve always enjoyed modeling for the camera, even long before I discovered latex. When I was younger, I would often model for gothic shoots and then, as I got interested in latex, it continued and evolved into more fetish-oriented photography. At the begining, it was mostly just something I did for fun so I could let people see my outfits. But, as time progressed, I really started to take it more seriously and now I view it as a way to express my creative side.

BBAA: Judging from the preview photos on your website, it seems your sets are featuring explicit sexual activities of you with some of your guest latex models. For instance, one preview shot shows you inserting a massive red inflatable rubber dildo into a very pretty model rubbered up. Yet, other previews seem to feature more Glam latex sets. Can you tell our readers what’s your take on shooting explicit material vs shooting glam stuff?

RUBBERDOLL: One thing that I have tried to do with my website content is to offer as big of a variety as possible. Latex is a very flexible subject. It can range from a classy scene with an elegant rubber gown, to a pervy heavy rubber session with lots of kinky toys. I try to embrace both ends of the spectrum since both interest me. A lot of it has to do with what my particular inspiration is. I usually begin with a particular outfit or setting and then let it guide me to developing the entire scene. Sometimes, it takes on a little more of a glam flavor … and sometimes its a little naughtier.

    ” Latex is a very flexible subject. It can range from a classy scene with an elegant rubber gown, to a pervy heavy rubber session with lots of kinky toys.”

BBAA: What would you say the proportion is of explicit vs glam latex shots you are offering to your fans?

RUBBERDOLL: I’d say it’s a fairly balanced mix. I mean, it is all fetish-related, so everything does have a certain sexiness to it. That leads to things being a little on the explicit side. But I do try to constantly keep the moods and feelings of the scenes changing as much as possible. I do this not only to keep the viewers interested, but also to keep up with my own changing tastes and ideas.

BBAA: You seem to perform at every major fetish events these days. Do you perform mainly at fetish events, or did you ever have to perform at other events to?

RUBBERDOLL: Until recently, my performances have been mostly at fetish events. This is because those events tend to be more open to the type of shows I do. To a lot of people outside of the fetish scene, I think there is still some apprehension about having fetish performances at their events. But I think that is starting to change some. Lately, I have been doing some more work at more mainstream adult events. At first, I was a

little concerned that the people at those events might not enjoy or understand what I do. But, I’ve been really surprised by the positive response. For instance, I recently did an appearance at the Exxxotica convention in Miami Beach, which is mostly for mainstream adult entertainers and porn stars. I brought along a stockade and some fetish toys and people were literally lined up outside my booth to take their turn getting dominated. I spent the entire weekend giving spankings and zapping people with my violet wand. So, I guess people are more open to new experiences than I had previously thought.

    “I spent the entire weekend at the convention giving spankings and zapping people with my violet wand.”


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