Aug 12, 2008

INT: Rock ‘n Roll with THE Richard!

The Richard & Bianca BEauchampIt’s time to Rock ‘n Roll with our favorite hair stylist, The Richard, in this over the top, energetic and plain funny interview with the sole male from ALL ACCESS 2 main cast!

Many of our readers will know The Richard already from his unforgettable presence in Bianca Beauchamp All Access 1.  He’s charming, funny, and he’s probably possessed by the Energizer Bunny… That’s how much energy this guy has in stock!  But more than that, The Richard has been spotted around the world in the company of Bianca Beauchamp and photographer Martin Perreault, visiting every major Fetish Event, and assisting the duo on plenty of exotic photoshoots.  The Richard has been Bianca’s hair stylist for over a decade now, and their tight friendship have them calling each other brother & sister.

You can meet The Richard on FRIDAY the 29th. of August 2008 at the Premiere of ALL ACCESS 2.  Meanwhile, fry your brain on the following interview, get to know the happy go-lucky guy that is The Richard, and gain full of inside information on Bianca Beauchamp, her new film, and much much more!

Bianca Beauchamp’s Hair Stylist & Friend / Main cast of AA2

BBAA: Hello Richard! We are very happy you accepted to give an interview. How are you doing?

TR: I am good… thank you for asking ;)

BBAA: You were in the film All Access 1 and now you return in All Access 2. How did you come up to be in these films?

TR: Well… as the longtime hairster to Bianca I was present to ensure she would look fabulous during the filming of All Access 1. As for how I came to appear in the film, we were really experimenting with the concept, I think Martin felt I added something to the group chemistry and the rest is history ! Some of the responses from the fans were that they found me funny, amusing or something like that!!! And some comments were so flattering and encouraging!!!
So I’ve returned for the sequel & had the time of my life!!! I’ve seen No footage as of yet & wonder… cause I cannot remember (shooters & stuff :) you know!). Could I have been even LOUDER in this one??? ;)

BBAA: Tell us about Hair. How did you come to be a hair stylist and why?

TR: Great question!!! My love for hair came on early in life throughout a tremendous crush I had ( & still have), for Farrah Fawcett. I was barely 10 yrs old when I discovered “Charlie’s Angels”. What a woman she was!!! Such Teeth, Nipples & Hair ;) . But my career as a stylist has obviously happened much later in life & kinda by fluke. You see, in my head I was sure to become this great BIG Rock’ N Roll star!!! Heh! Heh! Heh! My musical talents were sooo fuckin’ off that the only thing I could ever attract was … A heard of Rabid Turkeys!!! But I always had this artistic side to me where I loved all that is sexy. This meant HAIR ;)

    “My musical talents were sooo fuckin’ off that the only thing I could ever attract was … A heard of Rabid Turkeys!!!”

BBAA: You are behind Bianca’s trademark flamboyant red hair. How did that color happen and did you have comments about it?

TR: Wow… how DID that happen ??? This is going back quite the few roads. I believe that THE Red came to be… Well, simply by Bianca & I searching for a way to get away from her then fushia hair color. I’ve gotten so many nice comments about Bianca’s red especially through MySpace and believe it or not, people have even asked me for my secret recipe . Which, as any true Hairster will tell you… must be kept “secret”!

BBAA: Can you tell us about your relationship with Bianca Beauchamp?

TR: We have known each other for over a decade . We have grown very close so very fast that we referred to each other as brother & sister from the start. People assumed this as true and would say how our mother made a good job creating us . This made us chuckle! With time, I became Bianca’s Hair God (her words) and we remain best friends to this day ;)

BBAA: You were featured a few times on Bianca’s Latex Lair with her in latex photo shoots. Can you tell our readers how does a hair stylist like you make the jump into posing for a photo camera, in latex?

  TR: The first time was a vision that Bianca had, going back say about 10 years or so. It was shot in my very first hair salon because of its colors. They where so vivid!!! Bianca was the sexy latex clad client & I was the dominant hairster for “The Mad Barbershop of Horrors”. I guess that our chemistry came through on film (ed.note: that shoot was indeed shot on 35mm neg. film). Several styles & shoots later as I was styling Bianca’s hair for the Supergirl shoot , make up artist Catherine Lavoie came up with the idea to have Supergirl battle an enemy. This was pure last minute and I was transformed into Mad Meat. This shoot totally fuckin’ ROCKED!!! I had sooo much fun ;) We are close and know each other so well that we became quite spontaneous as a team. Often being behind the scenes, I watched, learned & studied this chemistry between model & photographer. And so with time… I have become aware on how to pose to my advantage. As for the latex, well… in the end her site IS all about latex ;)

BBAA: To our knowledge, you are the only man who posed with Bianca Beauchamp in photoshoots. We’re sure many people would envy this position. How is it to pose with her?

TR: Posing with Bianca is always a total BLAST!!! She is so fun and easy to work with … it’s a party on it’s own ;) But there is another man who has once posed with her. His name is Jean Daniel and this was for a gym shoot. He was the trainer and Bianca the trainee. This guy also appears in Bianca Beauchamp All Access 1 as the Hercules Mouse during the fashion show for Montreal Fetish Weekend’s Latextacy night. Look him up, this guy is Muscle HUGE!

    “I’ve got sleepwalking stories, hiding me from a resort staff stalker, Bianca swelling up like a blow fish before shooting in Cuba, me making out on a bar and dropping the girl off of it on the floor, a guy putting an electric saw to his dick… and many more!!!”

BBAA: You’ve traveled around the world with Bianca to style her hair and assist photographer Martin Perreault. Do you have one or more (crispy) stories to tell our readers about these trips? Any behind the scenes stuff?

TR: There are so many… with such long stories!!! We’ve got sleepwalking ones, hiding me from a resort staff stalker, Bianca swelling up like a blow fish before shooting in Cuba, Martin finding me lost and confused at Fetish Factory’s bathroom, making out on a bar and dropping the girl off of it on the floor, a guy putting an electric saw to his dick in Jamaica and many more! Today, I’ll give you the sleepwalking one.

The first time I had gone on a working trip with Bianca & Martin, we had opted to share the same two bed room & I tend to snore… A LOT ;) Poor them… they were absolutely traumatized!!! The noise cumming outta me had kept them up all night … Bianca wanted to snuff me but needed me for her hair, and so… I survived the night. On with the weekend and ready for day 2. So many drinks, so many babes, so much fun and this means… more snoring! So we go back to the hotel, it is time for sleep. In the middle of the night, Martin wakes up to Bianca’s crazed out snore-fest in his face. He laughs… “Wow… and she dares bitch about Richard’s snoring… Funny girl!!! ” He goes to take a leak and decides to film her on his way back as she will never believe him that she also… snored! Piss done, camera in hand… Martin flips on the light and approaches his bed and freezes on the spot to his great horror, as there I lay: the Snoring Monster! And Bianca, well, she was spread eagle on my bed. Somehow, in the night, we both had switched beds! Martin

decided to join back Bianca. Awakening the next morning, Bianca and I looked at each other in confusion as we were in the wrong beds and when Martin explained his story, we came to the conclusion that Bianca had probably sleepwalked to my bed triggering me to walk to hers in order to snore and drool all over Martin.

Next trip I got my own room. ;)

BBAA: When one look at the film Bianca Beauchamp All Access 1, your personality seems to jump out of the screen. Are you putting on a show for the camera or is the guy we see really you?

TR: This is me. To know me is knowing that I am the real deal. What you see is what you get.

    “This is me. What you see is what you get.”

BBAA: Reviews of All Access 1 seemed to be very positive, such as BC Magazine’s review, and viewers’ ratings average at 8.9/10 on IMDB with many great comments about how funny you were in the film. But on one occasion a reviewer gave you a bad rep going as far as to refer to your presence in the film as “an expectedly over-the-top headache of a character” and that you made him long for Paris Hilton, referring to her in comparison as “at least she’s not a poseur and is real American”. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt! Do critics like that affect you and what is your take on reviews?

TR: Great question! This was my first “bad review” and I admit that when I had first read it… I felt my face suddenly flush with embarrassment as though the whole world of cyber space was this great big coliseum and I was in the middle, ready to be fed to the lions and tigers and bears!!!
But that’s ridiculous!!! So with time, I got over it and accepted that not everyone will like me. This is ok. Mind you, to eventually encounter Mr. Daniel Siwek, I’d go up to him, shake his hand and present myself as the headache. We’d hopefully get a good laugh out of it ;)

    “To eventually encounter that critique, I’d go up to him, shake his hand and present myself as the headache.”

BBAA: On the poster of All Access 1, you were credited as THE Richard and everywhere we look online, we see people referring to you as THE Richard. Can you tell our readers where that name comes from?

TR: I don’t quite remember as we are going sooo far back!!! But I believe it came from a time when there where several Richard’s in the scene and when people referred to me… “THE Richard” was born. How fuckin’ flattering!!!

BBAA: You’ve been quite active in the fetish scene the past few years. What brings you to those events?

TR: Latex, leather, implants… BDSM. Electro & needle play but mostly… my Friends!!!


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