Jul 23, 2008

Behind The Scenes with AA2 cameraman Marc Poelmans!


This interview is a must read for all casual fetish enthusiast, curious by-standers who ever dreamed of attending a fetish event, and fans of Bianca Beauchamp hungry for Behind The Scenes details!

Marc Poelmans is known by most fetish event attendees by the name of Belgium Marc. He can be spotted at all the major fetish events around the world, with his trusty tdigital Canon camera, shooting away to capture all the crazy moments that goes on during such events.  It just so happens that Marc Poelmans is also a key player in the making of Bianca Beauchamp All Access 1 and 2, being one of the main cameraman.  When director Martin Perreault was not filming, Marc was in charge of the main camera following Bianca Beauchamp everywhere.  An extremely important position, which landed him a video camera in his hands pretty much throughout the whole weekend of shooting!

One fascinating aspect of this friendly photographer is the fact that Belgium Marc befriended with all the major fetish stars around the world in an extremely short period of time. What makes this remarkable is the fact that only five years ago, Poelmans had never set foot in a fetish event in his life. And so, his story is certainly nothing short of a dream come true for many fetish enthusiasts who secretly wish they’d go to one of those events, and perhaps one day meet up in person their favorite fetish icons – let alone have breakfast with them – all of which Marc did.

The following interview reveals an honest man who values friendship above all, always in pursuit of the wild ride that offers him fettish events, reveals his views on how to treat a fetish celebrity, and his personal experience workting on the films ALL ACCESS.

Although the following interview may be slightly on the lengthy side for most casual online readers, we decided to publish it uncut, the way the All Access films are done. We believe you will appreciate Belgium Marc’s overall generosity, a trait he is well known for in the fetish scene, which is clearly shown in the length of his answers where he goes in depth on all topics touched during the interview. We believe avid fans of Bianca Beauchamp and curious readers about the fetish scene in general should certainly give this interview a complete read, as it contains tons of information you rarely get to read in regular interviews, and gives you access to one of the most down to earth person in the scene.

Fetish Event Photographer | BIANCA ALL ACCESS cameraman
Websites: BelgiumMarc.com | Mediatlon.be

All photos in this interview are from Marc Poelmans.

BBAA: Hello Marc! Thanks for giving BiancaBeauchampAllAccess.com an interview. How are you doing?

  BM: Excellent, thank you, feeling very flattered by your request for this interview!
I just finished my final exams for my photography course, so pretty excited about that. Because of my day job I was anxious I would not finish all my assignments in time, but I put in a sprint in the end and made all of them in the nick of time. I spent three years on that project, so I’m glad I can now put it behind me, and start taking some “real” pictures. So, when is Bianca free for a shoot? ;-)

BBAA: Most people in the scene refer to you as “Belgium Marc”. How did that name come to be?

BM: it started out as a nick name that I was given right after the start of my ‘fetish career’, simply because I’m from Belgium of course. I got it even before I started posting on Bianca’s forum. The name stuck, people started recognizing it and I decided to use it as a “brand”. I registered the domain name soon after. Even now, I notice some people still call me “BelgiumMarc” instead of just Marc ;-) I also got a few other nick names over time, one I particularly love was given to me by fellow forumite MC: “roving fetish reporter”.

    “It is exhilarating to photograph all those beautiful people wearing their favorite fantasy outfits!”

BBAA: : You’ve been sighted with your digital photo camera in hand at pretty much every fetish event on earth, and often many years in a row to the same events! What brings you to them over and over again?

BM: I still do this as a hobby, so over the last few years almost all of my days off from work (the day job I was talking about, which pays the bills) have been dedicated to fetish travel. In the beginning it was exhilarating to capture all those beautiful people wearing their favorite fantasy outfits, or to see incredible stage shows. I learned so much about the fetish world in such a small amount of time, and I know I have been privileged to have had access to places and scenes not normally accessible. I also tried to squeeze in one new event each year. However, I have to admit, I sense my focus is shifting slightly these days. While in the beginning I was just there to get “the shot” for my event reports, I now see myself primarily motivated by seeing my friends again. It’s a pretty international scene, so although you do run into a couple of people at ALL the events (Kip, anyone?) most of them you only see maybe once a year (ED.NOTE: Kip is a very well known fetish event attendee). Which makes seeing them at an event all the more fun! Of course, getting those pervy people in front of my lens is still a huge thrill, but I see myself putting the camera down more often once the evening progresses and just have some fun with the friends!

BBAA: What is the very first fetish event you attended, and how did that go?

BM: It all started in 2003. I had just booked a holiday to Mexico and Guatemala, when I stumbled on the “Kink in the Caribbean” website that immediately grabbed my attention. Now, this was just days after I booked that other holiday. Agony! I really wanted to go to Jamaica now, since it was a once per year opportunity. I was a fetish newbie, but I certainly had a desire to learn more about it. So, Kink in the Caribbean offered a perfect combination: a possibility to discover my fetish side for the first time, and if it turned out to be a miss I still had a week of beach holiday. So, I rescheduled part of my Mexican holiday and booked my ticket to Jamaica. My boss wasn’t too happy since both holidays were only 3 weeks away from each other, but hey! Then I had to do some shopping for fetish clothes as well… And then… my credit card starting complaining!

I never looked back after that, as they say. I immediately felt right at home in this kinky world and I made a lot of contacts that first visit. People I am still in touch with! Even during that first event I tried out things I didn’t see myself doing that easily. Getting body painted. Floating around in the resort pool fully encased in an inflatable body bag. Taking pictures of fetish models!
Looking back, I really felt naïve at times, since I had so little knowledge of the fetish scene. Here I was having breakfast, this bunch of people join me and the girl sitting next to me starts a conversation. She introduced herself, we have a lovely talk. It’s only afterwards that I realized I was chatting with THE Emily Marilyn! But that experience also made me realize that most of the performers and models are also very approachable people, as long as you treat them with the same respect as you like to be treated yourself.

    “It’s only afterwards that I realized I was chatting with THE Emily Marilyn! But that experience also made me realize that most of the performers and models are also very approachable people.”

BBAA: Even though fetish events seem to have made a major leap in terms of mainstream acceptance, many people seem to be afraid to go to them. Why do you think that is, and what would you say to those silently wishing they would attend?

BM: I had the same sentiment when I went to Jamaica. “What can I expect?“ Of course, there are many fetishes out there. What is fun for one person makes another cringe. The general public still has this warped image of fetish: people wearing leather, hitting each other and screaming for pain. In recent years I see a shift. Fashion designers discover latex. So did pop stars and actors like Pamela Anderson, who seems to wear latex for thrills! Movies discovered costumes again, just think of Catwoman (Batman II). There are pervy parties popping up everywhere, and they make the general press. So now people see the other side. People dressing up in the most outrageous outfits, and having fun! The fetish crowd in general is still far from mainstream, but as you say, there is larger acceptance.

So if someone is intrigued by it all, I would say take the leap, just like I did. Get informed! If you have gathered the necessary courage, attend a party like the ones in Germany or Montreal, where you can get a taste of all sorts of fetishes. It may not all be to your liking, but that’s where you have the choice. Nobody will force you, nobody will bite (unless by request!). Almost everyone I know in the fetish scene is also very willing to answer questions, so go for it! And of course a fetish event is also an excellent opportunity to run into fetish models!

BBAA: Your clothes of choice at those events seem to be latex. What attract you to this fashion?

BM: My first love will always be latex. I love the feel, the smell and of course the shine. Being a photographer I like it even better on other people! But recently, when I am taking pictures at an event, my choice of clothing has shifted away from latex. Opting for comfort over pleasure, I’m now wearing a different kind of fetish outfit. I discovered this line of shirts that combine cloth or spandex with latex, so I can still nurture my latex fetish but be comfortable while working. When I can leave my camera at home when I visit an event I of course can dig into the latex closet again. I would love to have a “Mr Incredible” suit made one day (you don’t need a six-pack for that one)!

BBAA: It seems that at those events you have photographed and spent time with all the major latex fetish models out there, such as Bianca Beauchamp, Jean Bardot, RubberDoll, Emily Marilyn, Darenzia, Susan Wayland, Masuimi Max, Ancilla Tilia, and all the imaginable newcomers out there. How does one get to spend time with all these top icons?

BM: When you list all those names like that, I’m quite impressed myself! Like I said, I feel extremely privileged, not only because I was able to capture their image at one time or another, but even more because I can call them my friends. Of course it’s exciting to get those models in front of the lens, but when you can also establish a more personal relationship with them it shows they are also just fun to hang out with. They may be icons, living a life in the spotlight, having their pictures published in magazines around the globe. But once that spotlight is switched off they are no different than my other fetish or even non fetish friends. So why do I get to spend so much time with them? I think it’s because I treat them the same as my other friends. They of course deserve respect for their achievements, but does that mean I should treat them differently? Not in my mind. The fact that they reciprocate in the same way proves to me they are confident in their professional and personal life.


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